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Cisco CCIE Service Provider v3.0

written by gigavelocity

We are currently evaluating building a CCIE Service Provider lab to support the new v3.0 blueprint.
As you know there is some very expensive equipment as part of the lab, and Cisco is using emulators that the rest of us do not have access to.

We would not be able to support the 20 routers that Cisco is emulating, but we will be able to have the following equipment, which should be sufficient to cover all of the blueprint topics.

1- XR 12000 running 2 - SDR’s. The goal is to support 4 - SDR’s.
-We will be using GE and POS interfaces.
3 - Cisco 7200 VXR with NPE-G2 processors. The goal is to support 6 - 7200 VXR’s with NPE-G2.
4 - Cisco ME3400-24 switches.

Other vendors are working on technology workbooks and we hope to partner with them to support their workbook and training material.

At this time we are looking at $75.00 per session. Please understand that this is a very expensive lab to build.

Please Contact Us if you have any suggestions or comments to the topology or hardware.

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