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Conditions of Use

GigaVelocity Purchase Policy

All lab times are Central US Time (CST)

Lab ends 15 minutes early for reset

Please allow a minumum of 24 hours for lab scheduling

  1. All purchases are final.
  2. No refunds will be given.
  3. You should allow a minumum of 24 hours notice prior to scheduling your lab.
  4. You can reschedule a lab session only once. Example: If you have 2 lab sessions, you can reschedule each one once.
  5. You must allow 3 days (72hrs) notice prior to rescheduling a lab.
  6. All lab rescheduling is subject to a processing fee.
  7. All unused lab time has a 6 month expiriation.
  8. Lab splits are allowed for a fee not to exceed advertised prices. For example, a 12 hour lab for $50 to be split into two 6 hour labs (at the current price of $35 each) will not exceed an additional fee of $20.
  9. We offer no guarantees in the event of hardware or network failures.
  10. We will make every effort to repair a failure as quickly as possible.
  11. GigaVelocity is not responsible for any lost time or failed exams.
  12. GigaVelocity is not responsible for any lost time or failed exams.
  13. You must not remove any system operating system images from any of our hardware.
  14. You must not configure any passwords on any of our hardware (or you must remove them before you are finished).
  15. All discounted sessions are for contiguous blocks of time only.

GigaVelocity is a Customer focused company and will make every attempt possible to do what is right for the Customer. Unfortunately, there are individuals that abuse products and services offered by companies such as GigaVelocity. We therefore must state a policy for protection against abuse. GigaVelocity reserves the right to apply processing fees for requests outside of our stated policy. GigaVelocity also reserves the right to cancel your lab(s) if you do not agree to pay applicable processing fees. Any cancellation of your lab(s) will be done without refund.

If you have any questions about our policy, please contact us. Please read our policy prior to purchase. Any purchase made assumes you have read and fully understand and agree with our stated policy.



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