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RACK 6 Cisco CCIE C--ECert Security v4


UPDATE: NEW We are now working on Rack 6. We have all of the equipment and we are installing and testing the equipment now. If you need to book at CCIE Security v4 sessions now please use Rack 4.

We will continue to support the C--ECert workbook when they have their new CCIE Security v4 workbook available.

Rack 6 is our 2nd C--ECert Security v4 rack allowing maximum flexibility for Security v4 Lab Scenarios.

Rack 6 is dedicated to the C--ECert CCIE Security v4 layout. Allowing maximum flexibility for CCIE Security v4 Lab Scenarios. With minimum conversion requirements you can use Rack 6 with many different scenario providers.

Many users have found that Rack 6 supports the NetMetric CCIE Security Workbook very well. Both Rack 4 and Rack 6 have the 6 switch topology

Be sure to check out our C--ECert Security v4 Blog for more information.

UPDATE: NEW Below is the list of the CCIE Security v4 equipment upgrades.

Equipment and Technology List
4 - 2800 Series ISR IOS 15.1T (Adv Ent Svcs)
2 - 2911 Series ISR G2 IOS 15.2T 1 - SEC and 1 - VSEC
2 - Catalyst 3750-X POE Switches 15.0 OS
4 - Catalyst 3560 Switches 12.2(55) OS
2 - ASA 5515-X 8.6 IOS
2 - ASA 5510 8.2 and 8.4 IOS
Ironport WSA S170 7.1 OS
IPS 4255 7.0 OS
2 - ISE Applicace 1.1.1 OS
Cisco Secure ACS 5.3 AD Server
Wireless Lan Controller - 2504 7.1 OS
7942G IP Phone 1242 LAPP
VPN Client Software v5.x Anyconnect VPN v3.
3 - Win7 PC's for testing 1 - Wifi, 1 - IP Phone, 1 - VPN

Security Applications
ASDM for ASA/IPS/Router IPS Manager Express (IME)
IOS Flexible Packet Matching (FPM) Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client

Rack Access

To access the Security Rack all you need is a telnet client - anyone will work - and Microsoft Remote Desktop to establish an RDP Session to the server in the lab.

You will find more information in the GigaVelocity Lab Access Guide once you purchase a session.


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Frame Relay

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Frame Switch

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RPC Power

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